What is Crypto-Scammer?

We are proud to launch platform that is hopefully the first step in creating a safe environment for investors and project developers in this wonderful crypto-space.
Important: the platform is currently at its incipient stage. It will launch with 60% functionality for Binance Smart Chain scans and will expand soon to Ethereum and Polygon BlockChains.
For those that love history and have time to read:
Like most people when i got into crypto-space i got scammed and dumped on, in token launches, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. We all know that buying on a token launch can be like gambling, specially if your buying on the DEX directly. So a year ago using my knowledge of web developing i started to create a "Sniper bot". This said let me present myself, i'm Kirito Beeter, the developer of MultiSniper Plus, a very big fan of Sword Art Online (the anime) and scammers hater Nr 1.
From the start the plan was to develop a way that we can return the crypto-space to a safe environment that will allow people, that have the skills and the ideas to develop new tools and help the progress of technology in all areas, get the support and the attention of investors that believe in their projects and want to be a part of their dream.
To do that, my believe is that we all should have access to a few tools that will help us invest safely. Crypto-Scammer is one of those tools, the tool that will, in the future contain not only a scanner to show you contract functions that can be used to scam, but also a Wiki that can provide information for everyone, even beginners, on how to create and read a smart contract. A portal where people with ideas can get the needed support to put them in practice. But mainly is the steeping stone to the "End Game".

What is the "End Game" ?

The concept is simple, a STOP to all scams and return the power to Legit projects and their Investors.
To understand how i'm planing to reach this point then we should start from the beginning that was the birth of MultiSniper Group on 5'th of June 2021, a day that i had to take the test of patience and fight with the reality that nobody had any trust in new projects, specially one like mine. But with a bit of work and blessed with people that took a chance on me and supported the project against all allegations like "a new scammer", "your going to rug our wallets" and more, our group and MultiSniper succeeded in a market where most people saw scams and rugs.
On June 27 that year when i shared my ideas and plans with the group i was even more sure this is the road i should take and no matter how long, i will have to see it to the end.
The concept of is not only to provide a most needed tool but also to raise funds for development of future projects:
  • Expansion and development of
    • Reward and referral system;
    • Scam report section, this will contain all types of scams reported by users (fake websites, scam tokens, scam telegram groups);
    • Scam wallets rating that will appear in , will be accessible for anyone and once a scam wallet deployed a token then it will automatically be marked as a scam;
    • Expansion to other BlockChains;
    • Development of package section, where you can buy a certain amount of scans with a discount;
    • API for third party DAPPS;
    • Improvement of reports and scanner accuracy;
    • Wiki and solidity contract guides on how to create different types of contracts;
      • Free guides and automated scripts for setting up your own private nodes on different blockchains starting with BSC & ETHEREUM;
    • Audit section for smart contracts and paid service for developing custom smart contracts;
  • Node Network:
    • A network that can provide faster nodes than the current ones on the market for a very low price;
    • The network will also support and other projects;
  • The "End Game" Ultimate DEX:
    • This project is very important not only cause its the main goal of all my work, but also cause it will bridge the Investors and the Project owners/developers;
    • The "End Game" will have a Presale Part combined with a Market;
    • Any token that will have a Presale will only be able to be listed on our Market;
    • The team that will provide support to the market, will verify all tokens that have presale or are listing before, so no scams will be allowed;
Honestly i would love to give out all the information here about how i imagine the market working and how it will have everything that any project needs to succeed in the crypto-world, or how we are going to have features that you never saw on the current markets, but i think that should be included in the WhitePaper of the Market.
All the projects you see above need money for development and marketing, that's why the CRYPSCAM token will have 5% fees on buy and 16% fees on sell. The revenue from the fees will go directly to the dev wallet and will be used for development and marketing. 24 hours from the launch of CRYPSCAM token, the fees on sell will be reduced to 5% and the ownership will be renounced. Because we are taking money for development from fees, the token we get back from scanning will not be sold, but will be used for listing on markets like
More so in the we will have free daily scans for people that hold over 10 000 000 tokens in their wallets and people that help detecting scams, reporting them and giving a feedback. One more way to get free scans will be to use your referral link from to recommend a friend. These implementations will be done in the first month after the launch of CRYPSCAM
Giving the possibility for the initial holders to make a profit just by holding. Of course they can always use the token to scan and take advantage of Crypto-Scammer.
The target funds for development, for the year 2022, is 100.000$ and will be supported from the sales of MultiSniper and from the fees of CRYPSCAM token.
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